Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Kids' Cabled Leg Warmers

Simple Kids' Cabled Leg Warmers
Designed by: Mickie Gelling


1 Skein of Worsted Weight Yarn
US #3 DPNs, or 8" US #3 Circular Needle
Cable Needle or extra DPN of same size
Darning Needle or Crochet Hook


CO = Cast On
C6F = Cable 6 Forward, Put 3 st. on a Cable Needle, and let them hang in the Front of your work, Knit next 3 st., Go back and Knit first 3 st. off of Cable Needle
C6B = Cable 6 Back, As above, but let Cable Needle hang in back of work, etc.
rpt. = Repeat


CO 48 st. (16 st. on 3 DPNs) and join in round.
Rows 1-14: *K2, P2, rpt.
Row 15: Knit all st.
Row 16: K17, P3, C6F, K3, P3, K16.
Rows 17-19: K17, P3, K9, P3, K16.
Row 20: K17, P3, K3, C6B, P3, K16.
Rows 21-23: rpt. Rows 16-18.
Row 24: rpt. Row 15.
Rows 25-27: rpt. Rows 16-18.
Row 28: rpt. Row 19.
Continue this repetition of rows 16-23 until leg warmer measures 10" from Cast-On edge.
Repeat Rows 1-14.
Bind off loosely, leaving plenty of stretch in the ribbing.
Cut yarn off 3" below Bind Off, and weave in ends.


-These are a good fit for children aged 3-8. You can size down by decreasing the # of st. cast on. You can make them larger by adding to the number. If you size them up for adults, I do suggest making your cable larger as well.

-Use larger needles. I used small needles for a very air-tight, extra warm fabric. I designed these for a good friend in Chicago, and that windy city needs insulation and warm shins! For a warmer climate, or just as a fashion accessory, you could easily jump up to a US#5,6, or 7. For even thicker leg warmers, you could knit 2 pieces of yarn together at the same time.

-Use a solid colored yarn. I do NOT recommend using a variegated, self-striping, or self-patterning yarn on this project. The texture of the cable would get over-powered and lost by all that color.

-Wear these as sleeves as well. They look awesome under plain white T-shirts! You could even add a thumb hole, and make them fingerless gloves.

By: Mickie Gelling

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