Monday, June 20, 2011

Open Sesame

So, I'm here to write my first ever Mickie Made post. Guess I'll just start with what I'm already making.

1) The second of 2 Mardi Gras socks for Riley. His favorite colors are Red, Yellow, and Green. But he likes rainbows too, so my yarn is a jumble of a million shades together. The fabric resembles Mardi Gras to me. I heart Naw-luns, yall! Pattern is from Spud and Chloe. Find it here:  This is my first attempt at something other than plain-jane sock texture patterns. It is super easy to understand, and follow.

2) A lovely Aubergine Pima Cotton/Silk tank top. My first experiment in short rows, and fitted knits for myself. Taken from "Cherry Bomb" in Big Girl Knits.  Has been on my needles for over 2 years... This is the very first knitting for adult sizes (especially Plus-Sized) that I ever started.

3) The softest thing on Earth. Seriously. I do not kid. I'm rocking out a Alpaca/Silk blend Summer-weight cardigan. It's oyster-colored from the silky sheen in the yarn. And after stalking many yarn stores, I've discovered that my favorite blend is from Alpaca with a Twist. The fabric simply floats, and feels super soft, ever shoved down at the bottom of my purse, where the project is being neglected even as we speak. Also, the most expensive single project I've ever undertaken. So far.

4) Nursing Shawls/Baby Blankets: Okay, here are intended recipients.... Jenny Stew, Simone, and Kelly S., I'm looking at you! Your babies deserve these wonderful things I make. I WILL complete them before your children have children of their own. This is also Everett's favorite thing I make. The interesting detail about this pattern is that it is the first one I've ever written "by my own self." I intend to put it up on one of these days...

5) Intarsia Heart Hat: I took a class at with Marie, and am eagerly awaiting another delivery of Blue Sky Worsted to finish this bad boy. So sweet, it almost hurts my fillings. But not quite. Has inspired me to knit a lobster onto a sweater for Everett in the Winter. Color work was easier than I thought, and now I have the confidence to try something else. I'm thinking this: but I am also quite tempted to try using a grid and designing my own lobster pattern for the sweater..... We shall see in good time.

6) I am tinkering with my recipe for Fried Chicken over the Summer too. It's still just not quite spicy enough yet. May try a seasoned buttermilk soak on the next round of breasts.  I finally overcame my sheer exasperation with trying to get a decent temperature on the electric stove. I HATE electric. I LOVE gas. Stupid townhouse.

7) Clams. I was just on vacation on Cape Cod, in Chatham, Mass. and I discovered that I LOVE Steamers. My brother-in-law is also an amazing cook, and made this fabulous butter/shallot/beer sauce, and I am a total convert. I'm 34, and I just found something completely new to really enjoy. It was a really cool thing. My husband is thrilled, and it looks like we'll be hunting around the area to find good clams to try this out at home.

I think that's everything for this little chunk of Heaven. And minutia. Welcome to my world, people.

~ M ~

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  1. Awesome Mickie! Can't wait for some pictures of these projects (and those cute boys)!